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Cats Software Reviews

As many of you know, I am pretty much a coffee drinking, up all night, on the computer techie geek. I love discovering new software to help automate tedious and not so tedious tasks. I am kind of a software addict and if it is new, hot and actually makes life easier, you will find a product review here. Fortunately, I am a beta tester for some of the coolest software developers on the planet, so I get my hot little hands on their newest programs first and help find out if there are any bugs ahead of time.

If a program actually works and does what they say it will and more, you will find out about it here, as soon as it hits the market. Prepare to discover new ways to automate what you do through the wonders of software.

Oh and if you are a developer with a cool new program that you want tested and reviewed, let me know!